logmein123 enables you to access your computer from any device. Logmein123 offer several products like Logmein Rescue, Logmein Central, Logmein Pro, GoTo Assist, Bold360, Rescue Lens and See It. Individuals, small businesses, IT professionals, and Help Desk Technicians buy these
products to be able to log in to their computers from remote locations for varied reasons,
eventually exploring the full potential of the modern workforce.

Logmein123 Log In With Your Identity and Access Your Product

You get a secure, yet simple access to a range of apps, devices and data when you are trying to
get your access your data in the cloud. The system therefore needs to be sure of your identity
and like any other log in you should enter your correct authentication details to get access to your
product type.

Before buying the product if you want to start off with a free trial you can start off with a free
trial. No credit card is required for the process.
  • To log in to your account you have to click on the log in button on the top right hand corner of the webpage
  • You will be taken to the log in page
  • You have to enter your LogMeIn Rescue ID and password and you have to click continue
  • You gain access to the dashboard, and you can begin working from there
  • If you do not have an account already you can create an account
  • There are separate identity and access details for Central and Pro versions accordingly.
  • If you have purchased multiple products you have to ensure that you are entering the correct user name and password applicable for the product type that you are willing to access.
  • Pick on the right URL for the log in to suit your product type

Why log in is important to use these products?
Whether it is about organizing a meeting with GoTomeeting with up to 100 participants,
GoTowebinar to create online events that are captivating in order to spread the message by
creating brand awareness, using the Grasshopper to conduct business from the cell phones,
making use of JIVE or making use of GoTotraining to provide with training in virtual and hybrid
situations, or any other product there is a need to type in the code and password to log in.

Pro Version
You will be able to store, share, and collaborate on files in just one click. Remote documents
can be printed to your local printer

Central Version
You will be able to keep your users up and running by automating solutions to routine problem.
Your workers will be empowered to stay productive from anywhere.

The advantage of this service is that technicians backing the services will be able to connect to
any device in just a few seconds. Every remote management session is protected to AES-256 bit
encryption and TLS 1.2 transport security. The outcome of any customer or business gets to be
easy eventually contributing to a meaningful relationship.